Kenzi Ireland is an experienced dance artist, specialising in African dance forms with over 10 years’ experience as a professional performer, choreographer and teacher.  Kenzi has travelled to Senegal, Ghana and Gambia to deepen her knowledge and experience of traditional African dance, has trained and performed with companies and professional dance practitioners from around the globe and has performed across Wales and the UK with ‘NIMBA African Dance & Music’.


Kenzi is an empowering teacher and an inspiring performer, delivering high quality dance experiences, her enthusiasm and passion for dance is infectious.  Drawing from the strengths and diversity of African dance forms, her work aims to inspire true and honest expression and to celebrate and enrich our appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora.


Kenzi’s professional dance training began at a young age as a Junior Associate of the Birmingham Royal Ballet and later as a pupil of the London Royal Ballet Lower school.  However, it was when she met African dance that she discovered her real passion lies in this particular art form and since then, has been on a lifelong journey to learn, explore, share and inspire others through dance.


Kenzi graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance Performance and in 2013 was awarded the Trailblazers Starter Fellowship Scheme with Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), to travel to 'Ecole des Sables' in Senegal for a six week professional training course for students and teachers of African and contemporary African dance. 


Drawing upon her studies, research and continuing professional development, Kenzi’s unique choreographic style utilises the rich diversity of African dances, both traditional and from the diaspora.  Kenzi is currently teaching weekly Afrofusion dance classes and at DMAC Bristol; a popular and inspiring class that empowers students to explore their musicality, creativity, subtlety and power.


Kenzi works closely with several schools to deliver dance and performance opportunities, with the vision to support and develop the presence of quality dance experiences within communities and the educational system.  As an independent artist and through collaboration with other artists, projects and organisations; Kenzi delivers dance within schools, colleges and universities, community events, festivals, and within mental health services, youth organisations and prisons.


My purpose is to nurture confidence and connection and to share the love and spirit of dance. My belief is that through dance, we can discover more about ourselves and each other, and develop the confidence to express ourselves with joy and freedom.