Dances of Africa are so varied and diverse, so rich and expressive.  Dance mirrors the many different cultures of the people of Africa and the Diaspora and has influenced and continues to inspire new styles and music throughout the world.


Dance in Africa is the expression of life, it is present everywhere.  Any significant occasion within the life of the community becomes the dance.  Dances mark the sowing of the seeds, the passage of seasons, of birth and death, of hunting and warfare, of marriage and initiation, to remember and celebrate historical events such as famine and war and to summon spirits, ancestors or deities.


Kenzi's journey and experiences of dance have facilitated an understanding of the essence of community dance, where each has their place and is inspired to be both part of a group and empowered to embrace their individuality.  The support of the group creates the environment where the individual is free to shine. 


Research shows that dance is a powerful tool to facilitate improved brain function, neurological changes and the release of endorphins.  Dance also positively affects cognitive learning, promotes physical fitness and social connections.


As we communicate through the universal language of dance, music and song, we are able to connect with the earth and where we stand, connect with and celebrate each other and express our freedom to be the best of ourselves, fully and without limitations.


Community classes, Workshops and festivals:

Based in Bristol, Kenzi runs weekly Afrofusion dance classes and Afrobics dance fitness classes, at Hamilton House and delivers tailor made workshops in a variety of community settings.  An experienced workshop facilitator, Kenzi teaches workshops at festivals including Womad, Tribe of Doris and Shambala and in 2016 led the popular Shambala 'Thriller flash mob'.

Kenzi Ireland at Shambala festival 2016, teaching the iconic Thriller dance routine, in preparation for a secret flash mob performance in the woods.

Some Video Links Below.  Further videos are available through YouTube link on website

Afrofusion every Thursday, 6 -7 at DMAC, Hamilton house, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Afrofusion Tribe of Doris Summer School 2017

Shambala Festival 2017

Dance in Education:

Working as an independent artist and in collaboration with local artists and organisations, Kenzi delivers performance projects, curriculum support, workshops and after school programs in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities across Bristol and the UK.  Kenzi works closely with schools, developing new work for performance projects, events and festivals including St Pauls Carnival, Stages at Colston Hall and the Engage Festival.

Video Link Below:

Mama Africa DMAC Project -



Kenzi has been performing since childhood, where she first began with the Royal Ballets production of the Nutcracker and Swan Lake.  As a professional African dance performer, Kenzi has worked with a wealth of local, national and international artists, has been a member of NIMBA Dance & Music since 2010 and has danced in music videos including Kanye Wests MTV award and Redlights - Stupid.